Cafe de las Lenguas meets Amnesty International

Have you always wanted to try out speaking the Arabic language and at the same time meet some new people while spending a cozy pre-Christmas evening together? Apart from all the other languages which are practiced weekly (usually: Dutch, Spanish, German, English, French, Swedish and Russian) at the tables, we will for the first time also have an Arabic table that night! Or do you speak Arabic and would like to share your knowledge and connect with some Dutch/international people in Groningen? Even better - come along!

Dear language aficionados!

Welcome to another week of Cafe de las Lenguas! As summer is drawing nearer, it also looks like non-Dutch weather found its way to Groningen. Will that in turn bring along some exotic words to the language cafe? Or will it only induce typical Dutch moaning about the weather 'being to hot'.

Don't know what to talk about?

Imagine yourself talking to different people, switching languages, practising and improving your skills in Spanish, German and English, for example. You share your opinions about the latest movie, French elections or the current student situation in Groningen. And then suddenly something happens. You run out of topics.

Video about El Café de las Lenguas

Vivim en un món globalitzat on aprendre idiomes és una necessitat ineludible per a la majoria. A Groningen en són conscients i, per això, han posat en funcionament un mètode lúdic d’aprenentatge de llengües.

Els dijous al vespre tothom pot assistir gratuïtament a El Café de las Lenguas i practicar una llarga llista d’idiomes amb gent nativa i ajudar altres persones amb el propi. És un win-to-win, tots hi guanyen. I el més important, aprenen i es diverteixen.