Dear language aficionados!

Welcome to another week of Cafe de las Lenguas! As summer is drawing nearer, it also looks like non-Dutch weather found its way to Groningen. Will that in turn bring along some exotic words to the language cafe? Or will it only induce typical Dutch moaning about the weather 'being to hot'.

Organise our language meetings in the next academic year

By now we're also looking for people to organise our language meetings in the next academic year (starting September)! Will you be in Groningen? Do you have affinity with languages? Are you a good organiser or do you want to become one? Do you want to broaden your (international) network in Groningen? Do you think the concept of language exchange should be promoted? Then don't hesitate to let us know via Facebook or at one of the Thursday meetings! We'd like to create a commission to guarantee the continuation of Cafe de las Lenguas :)

Join in whenever you like, as long as you like, between 19h and 21h. You may sit at the table with the language of your interest, but you are free to change table! Please also help others who want to learn your native language, for 20 minutes or so. For more info, see Lastly, please pay at the desk immediately when you order, to make life for the P.S. crew a bit sunnier!